Great Legs

by Great Legs

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This album is dedicated to our #1 fan, whoever you are.

Huge shout out to JANK for inspiring us to record this EP


released July 31, 2016

Great Legs is:
Guitars/vox - Noah Norcross
Drums/backup vox - Joe Wysocki

All songs written by Great Legs

Recorded/mixed/mastered in a bedroom by Noah Norcross

Album art by the lovely Olivia Knowles!



all rights reserved


Great Legs Long Beach, California

bedroom emo for life

reach us at:

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Track Name: Alligator Armor Lily (Sucks)
You abuse I'm sorry way too much
And I'm sorry way too much
That my imaginary friend you like is an alcoholic
And I did nothing at all to help him

I will never lose at connect four
It's impossible to trust you anymore

Could you smile any wider? You have such a pretty face
You put me in perpetual hell you put me in my place should've said it to my face

Be honest do you look pretty for me or is someone else writing songs about you?
Track Name: What's Goodie?
Every time I try to roll over for you
I'm getting kicked in the head and I'm crawling into bed
You just won't stop, you're gonna drop your beer on me
You call it love but I call it greed

Your eyes will always make me think what I should have done differently

I'll let my liver handle what my heart can't
And I'll just blow off all the friends that I can't stand
I don't blame you that I always end everything on a bad note
At least you can claim inspiration for all I ever wrote

Promise that you'll leave for the summer cuz I cant stand to look you let's make sure tonight's not a bummer I can't stand

Your eyes will always make me think what I should have done differently to keep me from feeling so used
Track Name: Touchdown!
Drifting through the void I've come to realize there's nothing cool about you
I'm still bummed out the rain is a no show donde esta El Niño
Your diary loves me cause misery loves company
And I am obsessed with the speck eternally in your iris

Are you comfortable on my shoulder?
I'm confident I will never move

I heard that you said you don't like American Football, stay home!
Your mediocrity more or less gets the best of you getting things off your chest
Barely asleep and short of glory is all that I will ever be
Track Name: Trust
You make me feel so small you walk all over me disregarded completely please leave me alone
Track Name: The Places You Won't Go
Hey ex best friend I hope you don't mind if I try hard again to get back to where we've been because I miss flashing my sheepish grins and having a reason to not sleep in past 2 pm
And I'm sick of listening to Hospice and crying myself to bed knowing you're listening too it blows up in my head
My body is shutting down without you I have a fever of 100 and 2 I'm burning down

All alone whether you like it or not alone will be something you'll be quite a lot

Hey ex best friend I hope you don't mind if I give up again I think that I'm wasting my time because you'll always be "confused lately" and I'll just waste all of my savings on black tattoos
It's time I stopped falling for every pair of bright eyes maybe I should skateboard more or listen to more Bright Eyes because there is nothing special about me or putting dejection to a melody I'll never leave my bedroom

Are you okay? Can I go home now? Are you still awake? I was worried about you